Hammer & Stain MS Gulf Coast partners up with Chloe Cakes & Treats

Unique events, require unique treats and while launching our business in the City of Gautier we came across (by chance), with Deshun MC,  owner of Chloe Cakes & Treats.  Deshun arrived to our studio to deliver a cake for a child's birthday party & it immediate caught our eye! 


Chloe Cakes & Treats is named after her daughter, Chloe.  When Chloe was born  she was so beautiful with fat cheeks that they called her Chloe Cakes.


Deshun runs her business herself, and her daughter occasionally helps her.  Deshun has two children, Dylan and of course Chloe and she has lived in Mississippi all her life.


Deshun, started baking 4 years ago, but it wasn’t until October 2018 that she really started focusing on her passion and started taking classes.  She told us that making cakes is a process and it takes about 4 days to complete a cake starting off with the design, and carefully planning each one to be the right one for an event.  She can make at least 7 cakes a week depending on the decor.  


Cake prices depend on decor, fillings and serving size. Her base price for 8in round is $135.00 .  Her unique monogram letter arranged with cupcakes is $65 and these are absolutely gorgeous!  


For a limited time Hammer & Stain will cover 50% of monogram letter arrangements with two dozen cupcakes for your special event (adult parties only).  These are perfect for bachelorette parties, church groups, crafting clubs, retirement parties, engagement parties and corporate team-building events! This offer requires a minimum of 10 attendees for your event!  If you have 15+ attendees, your monogram cupcake treats are on US!   When booking your private event, we always suggest booking at least 10-12 days prior to the event taking place.  We also suggest you invite as many people as possible, since usually, not everyone attends.  All guests must have booked their project on our website 48 hours in advance!  


Monogram Letter with Cupcakes by Chloe Cakes & Treats           


For questions regarding private party availability, message us with the following information:


1. Date & Time you wish to host

2. Occassion 

3. Approximate number of attendees

4. Mention Chloe Cakes & Treats to receive your 50% discount on "monogram letter" with cupcakes.