The 3 Top Reasons You Should Join a Hammer & Stain Workshop

There are many reasons why you should join a paint party at Hammer & Stain, but we will focus on just three of the top reasons!

1. We all need time to unwind every now and then.  The demands of everyday work & family obligations can become quite stressful.   It is important to set time aside and disconnect yourself for a few hours. During an event at our studio you will enjoy music, good conversations and you get lost by focusing on staining & painting your project. You enjoy seeing the entire process from raw wood to a finished piece of artwork worthy of your walls!  Everybody deserves some "me-time"...Practice self-care!


2. We are BYOB! This means you can bring your favorite beverage & snacks!  How many times have you gone out to a restaurant and come home with nothing to show for?    Well, at Hammer & Stain, you can enjoy your favorite wine or beer while creating a finished piece to take home!  You will feel a sense of accomplishment and still got to drink & eat!


3. Choices! We have so many staple and unique choices, that you will most likely find a project for all your family members! Whether you want to come alone, with your hubby or boyfriend; or even bring the kids, you might just find the perfect activity for all without breaking the bank! Our Sunday events are just perfect for all. Also, keep an eye on our website for our "Open Paint/Walk-In classes!